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Maritime transport: President Tebboune takes radical measures

Abdelmadjid Tebboune, President of the Republic, Supreme Head of the Armed Forces, Minister of National Defense, chaired a meeting of the Council of Ministers on Sunday, November 27, 2022, devoted to two presentations relating to the complementary development program of the wilaya of Tissemsilt and the roadmap for the development national maritime and air transport fleet. After the opening of the session by the President of the Republic and the presentation of the government’s activity report over the past two weeks by the Prime Minister, the President of  the Republic gave the following directives and instructions:Regarding the roadmap for the development of  national fleet maritime and air transport of goods- The President of the Republic ordered• Immediately initiate an investigation to hold accountable those responsible for the deterioration of this strategic sector at all levels and responsibilities.• Merge the CNAN Med and CNAN Nord companies specializing in maritime transport into a single company.• Radically review the structure and policy of maritime freight transport, at all levels, with a view to its rehabilitation, and submit the draft of the new management strategy within a month.• Work by all means for the technical regularization of Algerian ships in international ports, in collaboration between the ambassadors of Algeria in the countries concerned and those responsible for the transport sector.• Open the way to Algerian expertise specializing in the maritime sector, in particular young and old skills in this field, with a view to creating companies specializing in the repair of ships.


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