Minister of public works and transports inaugurates the 5th international trade and logistics

The 5th edition International Transport, Logistics and Mobility Exhibition, Alegria Infrastructure, inaugurated Monday, February 12, 2018 at Safex central pavilion, for three days. The show based on transport and logistics, which contains several conferences on this theme. In this context, the subject evoked by the various links in the chain which involved in this field, including Serport group, DP World el Djazair and Autodesk. This show saw the participation of national companies, such as Setram, Algiers Metro, ETAC, Etusa,  Serport Group, SNTF, but also foreign companies representing France, Switzerland, China, Netherlands. This last country was the guest honor of this edition. The holding of this event responds to investments made in recent years in the transport sector.

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