Message from DG

Our Challenge: Mobilization around the Growth of the company

Optimum return on the return on growth of the EPAL and maintaining the bar towards this goal is our challenge and our leitmotiv.

At the heart of this equation is the increase in ship processing rates, the Gordian knot of maritime activity. Also, how can we mobilize the workforce and mold it into the logic of profitability that errors growth, as does the blood flowing in our veins?

The solution is in us, so we agree to work in synergy to give a new breath to this chain of work. The company must advance, evolve, prosper, believe in its human potentialities and maximize the use of its material resources.

The resolution of this problem results from the reduction of waiting times for ships in the harbor as well as the stay of ships with docks, and therefore the reduction of the cost of calling the ship. That will have a positive impact on the oxygenation of the finances of the players in the maritime sector (shipowners, consignees, importers, consumers). When it comes to ships, time is valuable because "the time is money". The first, and also the most important, measure of the "temporary productivity of a ship". In a port is provided by the "total time spent at port"
This is why this new challenge is fully in line with the implementation of the development program of the port of Algiers. We are keen to ensure the sustainability of the growth of the company, a strong link in the national economy.
In order to reinforce the economic and social achievements achieved over the last two years despite the difficult economic situation, the collective has been called upon to redouble its efforts in order to achieve its objectives, which is accessible to managers and port workers thanks to A serene social climate. Because the dialogue with the social partner is permanent and sustained
Currently, the company is able to continue the development process and respond effectively to the demand of its customers, the cornerstone of our challenge, enshrined in the ISO 9001/2008 quality management system certificate.

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